• Eying Up The Era Of Topical Biologics

    Claris Bio’s phase 1/2 clinical trial in patients with Stage 2 or 3 Neurotrophic Keratitis (NK) is breaking new ground in the development of topically administered biologic therapies. 

  • Topical Biologics In Ophthalmology?

    A recent clinical study of an eyedrop formulated with Grifols’ Immunoglobulin-based Flebogamma DIF offers cause for optimism among multiple stakeholders. It could become the first-approved topically administered biologic therapy for dry eye disease. 

  • Gene Cargos: Building A Bigger Ship

    Dissatisfied with the limitations of AAV gene editing, Drs. Ray Tabibiazar and Joe Higgins launched SalioGen, a company with an ambitious goal: the safe delivery of large strands of DNA cargo that mimics the way it happens in nature. 

  • Ocular + Auditory Cell Therapies: Lineage Cell Therapeutics 2.0

    On the heels of a lucrative deal with Roche/Genentech for its Phase I/IIa dry age-related macular degeneration candidate, Lineage Cell Therapeutics is fording new waters with a promising auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder candidate. CEO Brian Culley shares the strategy.


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