News | March 5, 2024

Allegheny Performance Plastics® Launches Into Healthcare Sector

Leetsdale, PA - To meet the growing needs of the healthcare industry, Allegheny Performance Plastics is proud to announce the addition of clean and white room environments, including a dedicated automated work cell to be completed later this year. The healthcare industry, with services spanning preventative care, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and support, encompasses many applications that are a natural fit for injection molding high-performance materials. The unique customer experience delivered by Allegheny guarantees the precision, reliability, and performance required for medical applications. Learn more about our five-step manufacturing process by visiting the website here.

“Our technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities have proven valuable in the healthcare industry,” said Rob Stutzman, Allegheny Chief Executive Officer. “Our entire team is excited to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by this industry. Our customers share the same sentiment and enthusiasm, as they are seeing the immediate benefits in the relationship. This new chapter in our evolution will continue to fuel growth for the foreseeable future and become a cornerstone of our business.”

Allegheny has been injection molding for more than 85 years, making parts from a range of polymers including high-performance polycarbonates, PEEK and PPSU.  As the field of material science expands, Allegheny keeps pace with the molding expertise these products require.

“Our injection molding process provides our customers with a unique development and delivery process,” says Greg Shoup, Chief Technology Officer. “We foster a collaborative environment, which means our team of engineers, toolmakers and molders are all working together to compress timelines and ensure that we can help you solve your complex part problems.”

Read more about Allegheny's launch into the Healthcare sector on our website here:

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Allegheny Performance Plastics® is redefining what an injection molding partner is for high-tech, high-performance brands. We deliver superior new products thanks to our unique, highly collaborative process.

Since 1936, Allegheny has been a pioneer in working with high-temperature, high-performance, specialty thermoplastics. Today, we are the “go to” high-end injection molder, manufacturer and global supplier of technically advanced functional parts and assemblies, used in products including gears, transmissions, and pumps. We mold parts in the aerospace, space and automotive (both EV and traditional) industries, as well as many others. With capabilities that include in-house prototype manufacturing, tool repair and machining, as well as injection-molding high-temperature thermoplastics such as PPS, PEI, PAI, PBI and PEEK, Allegheny is innovating a new, customer-centric process that delivers the right solution for our customers.

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