News | April 5, 2024

AustinPx Invests In Pharmaceutics And Manufacturing Capabilities To Accelerate Drug Development: Expanding Offerings Enable Faster Timelines And Reduced Risk

Source: AustinPx

GEORGETOWN, TX. — AustinPx, a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in bioavailability enhancement of orally delivered small molecule drug candidates, today announced its acquisition of a 3P Innovations API in capsule filling machine, a FT4 Powder Rheometer®, and the STYL’One Nano compaction simulator. The latest investments enhance AustinPx’s early phase development and manufacturing capabilities by enabling faster timelines, improved stability, and reduced risk.

“Continued pressure on pharma to reduce costs and shorten timelines requires CDMOs to offer services that enable doing more with less, such as API sparing development techniques and tools to streamline tech transfer from bench to the manufacturing suite,” said Elizabeth Hickman, chief business officer of AustinPx. “This investment demonstrates our continued commitment to our clients’ needs and our goal of always looking for ways to move our clients’ drug candidates into the clinic more efficiently without compromising quality.”

The 3P Innovations Fill2 Weight Gravimetric Filler uses state-of-the-art technology to fill very low quantities of neat API into capsules and bottles with a remarkable level of accuracy. The technology enables rapid transition into first-in-human clinical trial material manufacturing, while also reducing the cost of drug product development.

The FT4 Powder Rheometer from Freeman Technologies empowers scientists and process engineers with advanced powder flow insights that are critical for optimizing formulations and manufacturing processes in the earliest stages and at the smallest scale. With its ability to characterize powder flow properties, granulation properties, and segregation potential, the FT4 Rheometer enables efficient scale up while reducing development timelines and minimizing production risks.

The Korsch STYL’One nano compaction simulator is a versatile piece of equipment designed to simulate compression scale up and streamline tablet development with minimal API quantities. The STYL’One assesses material attributes across grades and suppliers and evaluates the effect of process parameters and quality attributes reducing scale up risks in the earliest phases.

“The introduction of these technologies underscores our commitment to innovation and our clients’ success,” said Justin Keen, Senior Vice President, Operations. “These tools enable scientists and engineers to rapidly develop life-changing therapies with enhanced data and quality.”

The expanded capabilities are now available for use. The additional capabilities mark another milestone in the growth of AustinPx’s formulation development and manufacturing offerings, as the Company continues to position itself as a leading CDMO in the pharmaceutical industry.

About AustinPx

AustinPx, Pharmaceutics and Manufacturing, is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) providing analytical and formulation development services and cGMP manufacturing for small molecule drugs. AustinPx specializes in phase-appropriate development strategies, speed to clinic and market strategies, and bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble molecules- including our next generation amorphous dispersion platform, KinetiSol™ Technology. For more information, visit

Source: AustinPx