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03.04.24 -- Auto-injectors: Global Trends & Market Forecast


INTERPHEX is back in New York with exciting show features. This includes a BRAND-NEW Conference Program! The INTERPHEX Conference will unfold in the Learning Lab on the exhibit hall floor of INTERPHEX. It will feature peer-reviewed scientific presentations that examine quality systems, contamination control strategies for cell and gene therapies, 3D bioprinting, AI applications for formulations, and U.S. FDA regulatory updates, among other hot industry topics. Register today.


Autoinjectors: Global Trends And Market Forecast

Autoinjectors offer a dependable method for delivering medication, especially during emergency scenarios. This article shares new market research, including macro trends, smart features, disposable vs. reusable trends, and more.


Nasal Vaccine Development, Manufacturing, And Device Selection

When developing a nasal delivery program, a partner with experience in development and manufacturing techniques who can see a program through clinical to commercial supply is crucial.

Reducing Environmental Impact At All Stages Of The Medicine Journey

Explore how utilizing technologies such as AI and digital twinning can inform decision-making at the R&D stage and how to optimize the delivery of the final drug product to patients with greener logistics.

Zydis Orally Disintegrating Tablet (ODT) vs. Standard Tablets (ST)

Review how Zydis ODT compares against standard oral tablets, how the same molecule can produce a different outcome when utilizing Zydis ODT, and findings from over 20 published studies.

Crystallization Process Dev: Ramping Up Bench-Scale Control

Since physical structure and biological activity are directly linked, controlling the physical form of a compound is paramount to a final drug product’s quality and effectiveness.

Taste Masking 101: Sensory And Performance Evaluation

Learn how techniques and innovations in taste masking sensory and performance evaluation can help accelerate your formulation development and confirm desired taste profile.

Applying Automation To The Manufacture Of Drug Delivery Devices

Automated manufacturing is a powerful but often misunderstood tool available to produce drug delivery and other pharmaceutical devices — whether established designs or innovative new ideas.

A Technical Package That Serves On-Time Injectable Project Completion

The accuracy, robustness, and completeness of the technical package an organization submits to its development and/or manufacturing partner is critical to meeting fill project timelines.


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