Newsletter | February 27, 2024

Best of February: Top 5 Insights in Drug Formulation and Delivery

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#1 Combination Product QMS Requirements For Pharma Companies Entering The EU Market

Pharma companies are now building the capability to manufacture combination products in-house to increase flexibility and reduce dependency on third parties. This article shares key considerations for companies implementing a medical device QMS with regard to EU requirements.

#2 Have You Ever Failed A Design Verification Test For Your Drug Delivery Device?

If a drug delivery device fails a design verification test, the consequences can be lost revenue for the pharma company and delays for patients. Explore how to eliminate design verification failure.

#3 Liposome Drug Delivery: Global Trends & Market Forecast

Liposomes possess the ability to encapsulate drugs of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature.They can be tailored to target tissues or cells, enabling precise drug delivery. Let's examine how it works, applications, and new market insights.

#4 Combination Products: Market Trends And Regulatory Considerations

Combination products provide significant avenues for increasing patient adherence and overall efficacy. This collection outlines the opportunity and identifies strategies for gaining regulatory approval.

#5 Auto-injectors: Global Trends & Market Forecast

Auto-injectors offer a dependable method for delivering medication, especially during emergency scenarios. This article shares new market research, including macro trends, smart features, disposable vs. reusable trends, and more.