Bionanoparticle Technology

Source: Nanoform
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Nanoform’s proprietary bionanoparticle technology can deliver large-molecule drug particles as small as 50 nm while retaining biological activity. This can not only enable more patient-friendly approaches to drug delivery, but also potentially higher loads of active ingredients.

Our technology has been developed with the goal of allowing more life-changing large-molecule drugs to reach the market. With it, pharmaceutical developers can potentially:

  • Enhance drug loading capacity in formulations
  • Tailor release profiles
  • Enable novel delivery routes
  • Engineer new drug combinations
  • Implement lighter infrastructures for drug logistics

The technology has already been leveraged to nanoform monoclonal antibodies, achieving a narrow particle size distribution without compromising structural integrity. It has also shown co-processing capabilities with large molecules alongside other APIs or excipients.

From Left to Right: Bulk Insulin, Nano Insulin, Nano Insulin + Trehalose

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