Controlled Expansion Of Supercritical Solutions (CESS®) Technology

Source: Nanoform

Nanoform’s award-winning Controlled Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (CESS®) technology is a bottom-up nanoparticle engineering approach that enables the creation of API nanoparticles and can unlock the full therapeutic potential of small molecule drugs.

By leveraging supercritical CO2 as part of the recrystallization method, CESS® permits a green particle engineering process free from excipients and organic solvents while enabling key benefits such as:

  • Controlled particle size: by tuning particle size, CESS® allows you to tailor bioavailability and opens up novel opportunities for patient-centricity based on performance requirements
  • Controlled particle morphology: manipulating particle morphology enables increased formulation flexibility
  • Controlled polymorphism: CESS® provides better polymorph selection and can allow the generation of specific polymorphs independent of nanoparticle size

Nanoform’s CESS® technology has demonstrated its applicability for enhancing therapeutics. For example, in Nanoform’s collaboration with TargTex, the nanoformed API demonstrated superior properties and enabled a fivefold increase in drug load compared to that obtained by nanomilling.

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It has also been used in a benchmarking study with Johnson Matthey, where nanoformed particles exhibited improved dissolution performance relative to other comparable processes.

To learn more about how our CESS® technology can help unlock the full potential of your small-molecule drugs, get in touch.