Newsletter | November 27, 2023

11.27.23 -- Emerging Market Trends For Delivery Devices


Emerging Market Trends For Drug Delivery Devices

Market size for drug delivery devices is estimated to top $540 billion by 2035. This article shares research on market segmentation by routes of administration, product types (inhalers, smart pills, drug-eluting stents), regions, and more.


Evolution Of Novel Polymers To Overcome Limits In Sustained Drug Delivery

Degradable polymers have evolved from aliphatic polyesters to nitrogen-containing biomaterials. Here is a brief history of the development of PEA polymers.

Prefilled Syringes Market Trends: Improving Patient Experience

Learn how sterile injectable devices are providing safer and more convenient self-injection delivery, leading to positive patient experiences, better therapy adherence, and improved outcomes.

Driving Sustainability In Spray Drying Through Enabling Technologies

By transitioning to alternative solvents or leveraging process aids, the challenges associated with the use of these chemicals can be addressed, helping create a sustainable, greener footprint.

Transitioning From A Vial To PFS Or Cartridge In An Auto-Injector Device

Explore how to approach the transition of migrating from a vial to a syringe or cartridge, the necessary compatibility testing, and the stresses on the bulk product during formulation and filling.

Combining Gene Therapies, Carrier Systems, And Medical Devices

Drug delivery is one of the most significant obstacles to advancing gene therapies. Examine the opportunities for success in combining novel medical devices to improve delivery of gene therapies.

Innovative Softgel Technologies To Deliver Poorly Soluble Molecules

Learn how to expedite the development pathway for early-phase compounds and how lipid-based formulations provide an innovative approach to enhance bioavailability for challenging molecules.

Collaborating With A CMO To Bring Your Sterile Injectable Product To Market

Review considerations for collaborating with a fill/finish CMO, including CMO selection, request for proposal (RFP) delivery, proposal review, and project award.

Choosing A Formulation And Process Approach To OCR Products

Do you want to develop an oral controlled release (OCR) product? Understand the options and their ramifications as the first step toward devising a plan.


Excel IV: An Evolving Market Affirms The Value Of An Established Offering

Enabling The Delivery Of Complex Biologics With Ergonomic Solutions

Vertiva On-Body Delivery System