Newsletter | November 6, 2023

11.06.23 -- Emerging Trends In Infusion/IV Therapy


Emerging Trends In Infusion/IV Therapy

The infusion therapy market in the U.S. is growing rapidly, driven by an aging population and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. This article shares new market research, with a look at macro trends as well as trends in infusion pumps, IV sets, needleless connectors, stopcocks, IV filters, and blood transfusion sets.


Achieve Release Profiles And Select Excipients For Formulation Development

The formulation and manufacture of modified-release oral solid dosage forms are highly specialized. Review numerous considerations for the planning and executing of a successful modified release oral solid dosage formulation.

Characterization And Delivery Of Ultra-Viscous And Non-Newtonian Formulations

Discover how to identify characteristics at the earliest stage, a vital step in autoinjector device platform development, with the use of the innovative injection characterization system (ICS).

A Clinical Assessment Of Delayed-Release Coated Capsule Compositions For Regional Gastrointestinal Delivery Using Gamma Scintigraphy

Gamma scintigraphy was used to evaluate GI transit and release from three capsule prototypes with different coating systems; data on pH, temperature, and pressure during GI transit was obtained and correlated.

Nanosuspension Dosage Forms: Product Development And Scale-Up

For drug nanosuspensions, parameters such as stabilizer concentration, drug loading, milling speed, milling time, bead diameter/density, and temperature are important formulation and process variables.

Amorphous And Co-Amorphous Systems For Poorly Soluble Drugs

Review co-amorphous research and recent findings, particularly the impact of low molecular weight excipient on developability, stability, and solubility.

Selecting Containers For Sensitive And Costly Cell And Gene Therapies

Explore the challenges related to packaging of cell and gene therapy products and proven solutions to enable speed-to-market, compatibility, and performance of packaging materials.

An Easy-To-Swallow Depression Drug For Elderly Patients

Examine how an innovative formulation approach helped a developer create a version of their drug that promotes treatment compliance within the geriatric population.

Overcoming Limitations To Achieve Uniform Dosing

An immediate need for lower dose capsules in the clinic posed several challenges in blend formulation with very tight timelines for delivery.


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