News | July 13, 2023

Innovative Drug Formulations Make Medicines More Patient-Friendly: Aenova And Galvita Enter Strategic Partnership

The Aenova Group is a leading global contract manufacturer and development service provider for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. As a full service provider, Aenova develops, produces and packages all common dosage forms, product groups and active ingredient classes from pharmaceuticals to dietary supplements for human and animal health. Galvita is an innovative Swiss start-up company specializing in the development of patient-friendly, age-appropriate dosage forms.

Aenova and Galvita have entered into a strategic partnership effective July 1, 2023. The aim of the partnership is to improve the development, formulation and production of oral dosage forms. To this end, Galvita brings knowledge of specific child- and senior-friendly formulations that feature faster oral disintegration, better taste masking and higher drug loading than oral dosage forms currently available on the market.

Galvita's revolutionary and patented Templated-Inverted Particles (TIP) technology consists of clinically tested calcium-phosphate microcapsules that can be loaded with a wide variety of active ingredients via a self-loading mechanism. The capsules are then processed into tablets. These tablets have the property of disintegrating almost instantly upon ingestion, releasing the active ingredient. Patients with swallowing disorders (dysphagia) can thus be supplied effortlessly. Another advantage is taste masking of active ingredients. This technology thus increases acceptance and adherence to therapy, especially among special patient groups such as children and the elderly. Above all, it offers an alternative to intramuscular injection in many cases.

As a broad-based CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization), Aenova brings many years of expertise, extensive GMP knowledge, international resources, rapid scalability and effective market access for the technology to the partnership. As Galvita's strategic industrial CDMO partner, Aenova will offer this technology for customer projects at its site in Sisseln, Switzerland. Aenova's Sisseln site is the Competence Center for complex solids within the Aenova network and develops and produces innovative, customized solutions for oral solid dosage forms.

The two managing directors of the new partners, Jan Kengelbach, CEO of Aenova Group, which is the industry partner of the cooperation, and Dr. Roland Haag, co-founder and CEO of Galvita, agree: "The portfolio and the experience and knowledge of the individual companies complement each other perfectly in order to be able to offer an almost unique added value even faster for our customers and, above all, for patients worldwide."

Source: Aenova Group