Newsletter | March 11, 2024

03.11.24 -- Foundational Human Factors Engineering Concepts For The Design Of Combination Products


Foundational Human Factors Engineering Concepts For The Design Of Combination Products

How can companies keep pace with the demand in the combination products market while meeting or exceeding regulatory expectations of applying human factors engineering? This article provides an overview.


Pediatric Patient Considerations During Dose Development

Specific dosing guidelines and acceptable dosage forms for pediatric patients need to be developed to optimize therapeutic efficacy and limit and prevent serious adverse side effects.

Selecting Delivery Systems For Higher Doses/Viscosities And Lower Risk

Discover how companies can de-risk their device selection as they bring this new generation of high-volume, high-viscosity biologics to market.

Using Advanced Technologies To Formulate Complex Molecules

In this survey, 200+ people involved in the oral dose market shared their views on barriers to the development of oral formulations and technological responses to them.

Enhancing The Solubility Of High Lipophilicity Drugs Via Spray Drying

A new R&D project shows that the solubility and dissolution characteristics of Itraconazole can be improved by helping to maintain an amorphous state after spray drying.

Stainless-Steel Needles: Quantifying Cobalt Risk For EU Regulation

Learn how a partner who is committed to ensuring the safety of medical devices by mitigating the risk of chemical interaction with drugs is crucial for navigating the regulatory pathway to approval.

Accelerating Genetic Nanomedicines Through The Regulatory Pathway

Discover how regulatory bodies are adopting a risk-based approach to address the unique challenges of genetic nanomedicines, and how stakeholder engagement is essential.

Improving An Abandoned Cancer Medication Using Innovative ASD Technology

Review the case study and learn how KinetiSol Solid Dispersion lowered patients' pill burdens and demonstrated an improved therapeutic response for Galeterone.


Patient-Centric Drug Delivery Device

Bionanoparticle Technology

Real-World Dosing Solutions For Patients